About Bitspiration

A bit of integration, a kilobit of inspiration, a megabit of information.

Welcome to Bitspiration!

After the huge success of the two previous editions, we can proudly say that Bitspiration is one of the best tech events in Europe! Recommended by TechCrunch, appreciated by international experts including Advocate Developer Google, we have nothing to be ashamed of. Each year we raise the bar higher and set larger goals.

This year’s goal was to gather people from different industries and discuss how new technologies determine their business strategies and general development. To this end, we focused on the Industrial Revolution and on the music industry. Tech and the music industry – those were the two main and most anticipated themes of Bitspiration 2014.




What really turns me on about technology is not just the ability to get more songs on MP3 players. The revolution - this revolution - is much bigger than that. I hope, I believe. What turns me on about the digital age, what excites me personally, is that you have closed the gap between dreaming and doing.



It's on – no need to convince about that anyone who works in the digital market.

What is the Industrial Revolution about?

It is about DiY movement, 3D printing, cheap prototyping and crowdfunding.

We discussed this topic during talks from Ashwin Navin and meble.pl's founders, among others.

A hundred years ago, prototyping and production was a much more demanding process than it is today. You needed to have a huge cash capital, then find a factory capable of making your product, then convince people to buy it.

Today the entry barrier into production sector is set much lower – you can know if people like your product way before you start production by putting it on Kickstarter and printing low cost prototypes using 3D printing.

At Bitspiration, we went through the issues of this transformation and discussed proven tools and strategies that help you keep up with the pace of the change and take advantage of it!




What if we told you don't need money to become famous?

What if we told you don’t need a label to become popular?

What if we told you there is no longer a gap between dreaming and doing?

We believe that the digital revolution is a great opportunity, but also a big challenge for musicians. By bringing together strong, inspiring voices from the technology and music worlds, Bitspiration provided a platform for initiating discussions, exploring new ideas and business opportunities amongst business-minded creatives and solution-seeking music managers. 

Advisory board

PROIDEA, as an organizer of Bitspiration, seeks the advice of well-known and respected experts and trendsetters who help us maintain the highest level of the conference. As far as technology is our ace in the hole given our experience in tech events, so much the music industry is still a little bit new for us. That's why this year we invited Polish musicians and music journalists to help us to prepare the Music sessions. They watched over the level of content, advised us in terms of general event standards and expressed their opinions about the tracks. Meet them below!

You can enjoy Bitspiration Festival thanks to PROIDEA – Polish company specialized in organising unique, hip and relevant tech conferences. The team of young, organised and creative people do their best to make sure that our conference will be an engaging experience and educational fun.
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