Who's it for?

Well, actually we are 99% certain that Bitspiration is for you.

Because you know us, and that already means you are interested in the online world and are probably responsible for creating some part of it.
Either you are an expert, specialist, musician, professional, enthusiast or investor, and we have prepared something special for each of you.


Bitspiration is a really good place to start. We offer plenty of worthwhile people to meet and expose your business! We can be of some help in:

Socializing with professionals, investors and people who can help you to take your startup to the next level – no matter if you have just an idea or already manage a bunch of people helping you to conquer the international market. You will meet folks to help you out and authorities to advise you.

Making money by pitching your startup to investors or, if you are ready and brave enough, by taking part in our startup contest during Demo Day. For our competition winner we have prepared a financial reward and a chance to be supported through the Indiegogo website. Last year it worked, and so it will this year!

Promoting your e-business. The biggest names and opinion leaders of the online world meet up at Bitspiration. If you are good enough and can prove it throughout three days of our meeting, you may get lucky and win their interest and recommendation in the international world of entrepreneurship.

Knowledge, tips, finding workers, co-workers and great fun come naturally as a bonus!

Plus, well, you know... Everything eventually connects to grow bigger and stronger. It is in your interest to show up and make profitable connections. You are an entrepreneur, so you know that your time is money. Do not hesitate any longer - sign up here or read more about our Demo Day Competition.


If you like to invest in ideas, but don’t like to gamble, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the land of the most promising startups of Dragon Valley!

You want to help the e-business industry grow strong and we are here to help you out with that. We know the power of the first impression and we know its deceptive power as well. We know that our startups are worth the money, but, you know... it is better to be safe than sorry.

That is why...

At Bitspiration we take care of your interests so that you’re not just reading tea leaves. You will meet high-end experts who will help you to assess whether the startup that you like is worth your money or not. You will meet people who can tell if you are dealing with next Google or Facebook. And if you are, it is better to know about it before other investors do, isn't it?

If you’re still not convinced, you should check out our speakers, who will be there to share their opinions. You know you want to meet them! And hey, if you want to support a good cause you should definitely consider becoming a Bitspiration partner!


Let us say: “Hello, we were expecting you!”. Bitspiration could not exist without you. The Internet the way we know it would not exist without you! Now we want to encourage you to change the status quo and take online business to the next level. Why is it worth joining us at Bitspiration? Let us convince you:

  • Everyone will be there! If you join, that is… Our participants will share knowledge and the ability to create new things. Do you want to miss out? No… Seriously?

  • You may get a job... if you are good at what you do and up for facing new challenges

  • Are you stuck with some phase of your work? Got any problems or unsolved issues connected to your job? Well, we have the answers. Honestly.

  • You will simply have great fun during our afterparties and Bitspiration Music live concerts, which we have prepared for our attendees. Got any better plans for 11-13 June?


Ever wondered how Lana Del Rey and Hurts appeared out of nowhere and became popular in no time? At Bitspiration, we will teach you their secrets!

The digital revolution is in fact a great opportunity for you, but also a big challenge.

That is why you can’t miss this one chance to meet and talk about the problems you face.

Why should you join Bitspiration?

  • experienced online business leaders will share tips and tricks on how to become successful in the digital world. Such an opportunity only comes once a year!

  • to stay competitive - even the old guardhas gone online and are on iTunes or the Vevo channel. Know David Bowie and Snoop Dogg? They’re doing this right!

  • to learn about how to profit from the digital age. You no longer need a ton of money or a producer; there are apps for that!

  • to network with people with similar problems and people who have the solutions

  • to avoid crucial mistakes that will keep you obscure forever. Whatever appears online stays on the web forever - you know that. Remember what happened to Kazik, a famous Polish musician, when he went against his online fans? Don’t follow his example. Learn how to use the power of an online audience, instead of turning them against you.



This year Bitspiration is specially dedicated to music producers and music managers, who have been struggling with the sudden and dynamic change of the music market. The old strategies of promoting and managing projects no longer work. Luckily there those who have figured out what does.

Join us at Bitspiration to learn from the best business experts of the online world. They have already made at least one global, successful project, and will share their strategies with you.

How do you promote a music project in a rapidly changing digital world?

How can new technologies support promotion and help in cost cutting?

How can you profit from crowdfunding websites?

How do you build a loyal online audience?

Which online broadcasting platform should you choose?

Are viral campaigns always good?

Those are the issues we will bring to light during Bitspiration 2014.

The music industry needs money and an audience.

At Bitspiration, we will tell you how to get it using new technologies.



Music journalists, experts from the field, music fans and enthusiasts – you are all invited to join us at Bitspiration! We have prepared a host of current topics and attractions that you might be interested in.

  • How long do we have to wait for a Polish Amazon?

  • What direction is modern music headed?

  • Are MP3s totally passé?

  • What's going on with iTunes?

  • ...and many more trending topics are going to be discussed during the fascinating lectures and afterparties in Krakow's pubs!

If you are a journalist or music expert, you need to join us. At Bitspiration you will get a chance to interview artists, producers and managers. After two days you will go home with wider knowledge on the music industry and its future.

If you are a huge music fan, you will definitely enjoy the live concerts and meeting Polish artists face-to-face over a pint of beer and getting to know what the music industry look like behind the scenes.

Plus, if you like gadgets, know iTunes offer by heart, have a strong opinion about piracy, Creative Commons rings you a bell – Bitspiration is the place for you!