Cristiano Carlutti
Sales & Marketing Executive || Former VP at Tesla Motors

Business Administration degree at Bocconi University in Milano, Cristiano has developed an 18 years long experience in sales, retail development and marketing, with experiences in Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland and United Kingdom and responsibilities growing from the Italian market to the European and finally to the European and Middle Eastern Region.

Aiming to be not simply an employee but following his peculiar “internal entrepreneurship” mind, Cristiano has developed experiences in different start-ups and not only in large corporation, from the foundation of the Italian subsidiary of the French group AutoContact, of which he became the country manager at the age of 28, to the development of the European operations of Tesla Motors as Vice President Europe, going through the exceptional experience of Managing Director of Media Operations and Press Chief of the Winter Olympic Games of Torino 2006 and the role of Vice President Used Vehicles for Fiat Spa.

Cristiano Carlutti has joined Qoros almost 2 years ago. His first role was Director of Sales China and is now Director of Sales and Marketing for the EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).