Giancarlo Maniaci

Giancarlo Maniaci is a serial entrepreneur, investor and founder of BrowseLabs, a venture funded incubator with offices in California, Bosnia and Poland. 

More recently, Giancarlo Co-Founded and bootstrapped, a global mobile advertising platform, which was acquired 2 years after he co-founded the company with Justin Barr. TapIt serves over 50 Billion Advertisements each month to iPhones, Android and Tablets around the world. 

Prior to that, Giancarlo founded iDials, a predictive and autodialing platform, which was acquired in 2010.

Giancarlo is also active in early stage investments, including PayDivvy, a social bill pay platform, which was acquired in 2013 by HigherOne and BetaGiant, and Video Marketing Platform. 

He is passionate about building technology, building revenue models and unique forms of distribution though advertising. 

He is a father of 2 children and married to a patient wife, who puts up with his obsessive work shenanigans.