Leszek Biolik
Musician, Producer

Leszek Biolik is one of the most famous Polish rock players. He was a member of popular Polish music bands, including Wilki, Republika and Obywatel G.C. and used to play with the biggest stars of Polish music scene, like Robert Gawliński, Fiolka Najdenowicz, Stanisław Soyka, Justyna Steczkowska, Marcin Rozynek and MAANAM.

Apart from being a popular bassist, Leszek Biolik is also a music producer. Having a great experience in this field and being a well-known musician, he actively supports Polish underground scene, mainly by being a part of OtwARTa Scena - a project that aims to inspire, produce and  promote music bands by using the the potential of online tools and  power of Internet community.