Lukasz Targosz
Composer, Music & Film Producer

Lukasz can boast of over 40 soundtracks for various cinematic projects - to begin with art house, through mainstream movies and animation, to end with new generation historic movies (such as „Kamienie na szaniec” by Robert Glinski, long awaited screen version of a classical Polish novel by Aleksander Kaminski). The animation entitled „The Game“, which he also co-produced, was awarded during numerous grand international festivals and was the only Polish animation which stood a chance to win an Oscar for the year 2012. His other scores were highly appreciated by jury of Roma Fiction Fest (awarded for the best music written for a TV series „Marked“) or On Location: Memphis International Film&Music Fest. He was also a co-producer of „Floating Skyscrapers” by Tomasz Wasilewski, one of top award winning Polish movies in 2013 (International Film Festival in Karlove Vary, T-Mobile New Horizons, Gdynia Film Festival).

 The music composed by Lukasz Targosz balances between mathematical precision and passion for melody. His works trespass the film’s tissue, respond to the tempo and mood, but also bring in a kind of a surpluss which serves as his musical signature.    

Live instruments, spiced up afterwards by electronics, are always his starting point when thinking about the phrase. The third dimension of the sound is deftly created by the real sounds of life in a movie and space outside the frame.