Marek Sadowski
Mobile Robotics Expert & Entrepreneur
Mobile robotics expert and an entrepreneur. Being a graduate from the International Space University Marek undertook a research on the photorealistic virtual reality system to control robots on Mars at NASA Ames. On a national TV channel Marek hosted a first season of the educational program "Why this?" ("dlaczego tak?"). As a vice president of the Polish Astronautics Society PTA he organized 7 national robotics competition for high school students.
While accumulating the business know-how and over 10 year experience in international corporations he founded Robotics Ind Inc ("RI") in 2004 to deliver robotics solutions and services for space, military, and industrial sectors. For the achievements in RI he received the Polish Market Innovation Leader 2013 award by the Legal Newspaper, and the Microenterprise 2013 in "Progres" class by Citi Bank and the Kronenberg Fund. 
Marek succeeded in finding a Business Angel, and obtaining EU grants for R&D for vacuum and mopping robots, a robotics swarm control system, and an industrial class autonomous cleaning robot. After licensing RI blue prints of a home robot for production to a large European consumer goods producer he decided to build RI consumer brand and to launch in 2014 a campaign on Kickstarter with a home cleaning robot. After moving to Silicon Valley he builds a global business and looks for a funding to scale the company.